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North College Improvements


The City of Fort Collins, Larimer County and Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are working together to bring North College Avenue/US Highway 287 (from Jefferson Street to Highway 1) the amenities needed to support traveler safety, economic vitality and community livability. With four sections of a five-part project complete, the vision for this important northern gateway to Fort Collins is almost a reality.

The City recently completed improvements to North College directly south of the proposed project limits. Constructed improvements brought these sections of North College up to the City's current street standards.

CDOT is currently constructing roadway improvements from State Highway 1 to the LaPorte Bypass, including pedestrian and multi-modal improvements. The section of North College from the City limits to State Highway 1 will be the only remaining section with inadequate pedestrian and multi-modal facilities from Jefferson Street to the LaPorte Bypass.

Project Schedule

North College Improvements – Conifer to Willox: Roadway Improvements Completed in Fall 2015, Landscaping Improvements to be Completed in Spring 2016.
North College Pedestrian Improvements: Anticipated Construction in Fall 2018.

The Project

The City, Larimer County, and CDOT are coordinating in order to minimize construction impacts and maximize improvements within the project budget. Larimer County and the City have secured federal funding and local developer contributions to complete the final pedestrian and multi-modal phase within the corridor. This project will design, acquire property interests, and construct multimodal improvements along North College Avenue (US Highway 287) between the City limits and State Highway 1, including a safer pedestrian and bicycle crossing of the canal. The design team will work closely with stakeholders including adjacent property owners, local residents, Larimer County and CDOT. Construction is anticipated for late 2018.

View additional information on the CDOT project.

Project Goals

  • Create a multi-modal connection between the Larimer and Weld Canal and State Highway 1.
  • Upgrade the image of the North College Corridor while minimizing impacts to existing infrastructure.
  • Maintain compatibility with utilities including storm water, water, sewer, power, natural gas and communications.
  • Maintain compatibility with the nearby floodway and floodplain.
  • Coordinate with CDOT, Larimer County and the Larimer and Weld Canal ditch company.

Anticipated Improvements

  • Bicycle and pedestrian connection to cross  the Larimer and Weld Canal.
  • Multi-modal path from the Larimer and Weld Canal to State Highway 1, connecting the existing sidewalks within the City limits to the sidewalks under future construction at State Highway .

Project Funding
The City has secured federal funding and local developer contributions to design and construct the improvements as well as acquire property interests for the project. The anticipated overall project budget is approximately $1.7 million.

Public Outreach

Similar to the previous North College projects, the design team will work closely with stakeholders to develop design plans which meet city, county and state goals yet still work with adjacent property owners and local residents.


For Pedestrian Improvements:
Caleb Feaver
Civil Engineer I
For Construction between Conifer and Willox:
Mark Laken
Civil Engineer II

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