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Solid Waste/Recycling: Guide and Project Ideas for Annual Reporting

Picture from Waste Facility Tour
2010 tour of the Waste-Not Recycling facility

Project Ideas

  • Start solid waste/recycling program
  • Internal materials reuse program
  • Purchase in bulk
  • Use silverware instead of plastic
  • Construction and demolition recycling
  • Hold “Zero Waste” meetings and events
  • Reuse through donations or repurposing of   equipment
  • Implement a composting program

Reporting Instructions

Solid Waste
Data Required
Example of Completed Project
  1. Documentation of solid waste diversion (pounds, tons, cubic yards, gallons) from hauler
  1. Practice prior to change (e.g. landfilling)
  2. Practice post change (e.g. recycling)
  3. Material (e.g. aluminum, paper, etc.)
  4. Size of container (e.g. 3 yd., 96 gal., etc.)
  5. Frequency of pickup (e.g. weekly, on-call, etc.)
  6. Service provider or hauler

Project Name: Aluminum and Glass Recycling

Details: We implemented a recycling program for aluminum and glass that was previously landfilled. We collect each in a separate 65 gal container that is picked up bi-weekly.

Aluminum: 65 gal * 26 wks/yr = 1,690 gal recycled
Glass: 65 gal * 26 wks/yr * .75 = 1,268 gal recycled

Project Examples 

Green Team Real Estate
After implementing a paperless office program which includes electronic document signing and an electronic transaction management system, no documents are printed except property information sheets for clients.  This project saves 60 pounds of paper waste annually.

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant
Setting up a program with Aveda Institute in Denver to recycle all plastic caps from margarita mix bottles, triple sec bottles, and pour spouts from tequila bottles has diverted 150 lbs of plastic from the landfill. 

Dream Theater Colorado 
By taking all cardboard packaging materials from every on site audio/TV installation back to the shop, Dream Theater Colorado is able to store this material until a recycling truck comes 4 times a year to take the cardboard to the Recycle Center at Ram Waste.  2000 pounds of cardboard is recycled annually.

Rio Grande Restaurant
Composting and Recycling

Columbine Health Systems
Green success stories - Education, Engagement & Financial Impact

Other sources for project ideas…

City of Fort Collins Recycling page
Environmental Protection Agency, Waste



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