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Transportation: Guide and Project Ideas for Annual Reporting

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 Project Ideas

  • Alternative Transportation
  • Hybrid vehicle use
  • Trip optimization
  • Biofuel use
  • Install a covered and secure bike storage area

Reporting Instructions


Data Required

Example of Completed Project

  1. Practice prior to change
    1. Mode
    2. Mileage
    3. Fuel Type
    4. Vehicle Type
  2. Practice post change (same data as above)

Project Name: Reduction in vehicle miles traveled via bike fleet

 Details: We implemented a biking policy to clients within 2.5 miles of the office reducing our fleet mileage by 3100 miles. Our fleet runs on gas only, and has 4 sedans and 3 compact cars.

Saved 3100 vehicle miles traveled (VMT) over previous years VMT.

Project Examples

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Fort Collins Downtown Transit Center
A computer program used by AMD employees encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation to commute to work including carpooling, vanpooling, biking, mass transit and tele-commuting.  Thus far 1601 trips and 50,602 VMT have been avoided, and 2,410 gallons of fuel and 50,602 lbs of emissions have been saved.

JAX Mercantile Company
JAX encourages their employees to use alternative transportation to get to work, and pays employees $1 per day for every day they ride a bike or walk and $.50 for every day they carpool or use public transportation.  Annual storewide and companywide winners are also recognized and given awards.  Companywide bikers traveled 16,665 miles, carpoolers 18,665 miles, bus riders 1,303 miles, and walkers 1,209 miles in 2010.

Super Shuttle/Yellow Cab, Northern Colorado
By reducing highway speeds to 68 MPH, Super Shuttle/Yellow Cab, Northern Colorado was able to save 3000 gallons of fuel in one year.

4. Other sources for project ideas…



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