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What is social sustainability?

Social sustainability is a complex topic. In business, striving towards social sustainability is socially responsible. It’s recognizing and addressing major social issues like equity, diversity, and quality of life. An organization’s social impact affects employees, customers, suppliers, and community. Social sustainability is doing business with people’s well-being in mind. To learn about what the City of Fort Collins is doing to increase residential quality of life, visit the Social Sustainability Department webpage.

Why should I participate?

Utilize this program to illustrate strong corporate citizenship, enhance existing programs or develop a social impact program from scratch. There are numerous other organizational benefits associated with Social Superstars, click here to view more.

Do I have to be part of ClimateWise to participate?

Yes. Social superstars is an excellent complement to the existing ClimateWise program structure. ClimateWise is a free, voluntary program that helps organizations combine money-saving practices with environmental protection. The award-winning program supports more than 350 organizations within the Growth Management Area to reduce energy, waste, water, and transportation use. Learn more and join at

Where did Social Superstars come from?

The program evolved out of the research and development conducted by ClimateWise's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Committee Sub-Committee, from 2010-2011. The committee was comprised of ClimateWise partner business representatives serving in a volunteer capacity.

How did you come up with the Elements of Social Impact?

The CSR Advisory Committee Sub-Committee established five distinct and encompassing social arenas that exist for every organization. These came to be known as the Elements of Social Impact, and have been incorporated into the Social Superstars framework.

What is the Social Superstars Program hoping to accomplish?

The program is designed to create awareness in Fort Collins around social sustainability, to support organizations engaging in social impact initiatives with a positive social impact, and to recognize those organizations for their efforts and accomplishments.

What are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Triple Bottom Line (TBL)?

CSR and TBL represent emerging trends that expand the traditional reporting framework (financial accounting only) to take into account social and environmental performance. This progressive framework aims to measure success equally through the economic vitality, environmental stewardship, and social well-being of an organization.

How can a social impact initiative help my organization be more successful?

An engaged and empowered workforce will be happier and more productive. Likewise, engaged customers are more likely to support your organization. Your initiative may also foster a deeper connection to commitment to your organization.

What if we don’t have the resources to implement a social impact initiative? It is too expensive and I don’t have time.

Chances are you DO have the resources! Initiatives can be engaging with little or no financial/time commitment. Also, you may have an existing program that’s reportable in Social Superstars!

What media outlets does ClimateWise utilize?

You will be recognized on the website and with a special plaque icon. You may also appear in local media sources such as Northern Colorado Business Report (NCBR), through a project case study, a ClimateWise video, or at ClimateWise meetings or events.

How do I show upper management that participating in the program is valuable?

Each organizations leadership will have different priorities and goals. Contact us in advance-We will help you identify which benefits to highlight to get the Big Cheese on board.

When do I need to report for the year?

You must report by March 15 for the previous year (report March 15, 2014 for 2013 involvement). We recommend that you send your report in prior to the deadline for review. See Reporting Criteria for more information on how to report.

What type of information will you be asking me for?

Social Superstars measures direct and indirect impact by gathering information about the time,resources, and relationships that go in to developing and implementing your social impact initiatives. All information reported in the program is confidential and will never be shared out without your explicit consent.

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For more information, contact:

Pete Iengo, Program Coordinator
Phone: (970) 221-6847|  

Kathy Collier, Program Manager
Phone: (970) 221-6312 |  


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