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2013 Spotlights

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Each year’s Social Superstar initiatives are reviewed by ClimateWise Advisory Committee members. The review team’s goal is to select the most notable, innovative or replicable initiatives to highlight as best practices. The following Social Superstars Spotlights can be used to develop your own ideas and initiatives.

2013 Spotlights | 2012 Spotlights

City of Fort Collins Image Gallegos Sanitation Inc. (GSI) - Back to School Employee Refund Program

ClimateWise Social Superstars participants continue to implement creative and effective solutions that have a social impact. Social Superstar Gallegos Sanitation Inc.’s (GSI)“Back to School Employee Refund Program” helps employees with school supply costs each year. Read more...


City of Fort Collins ImageExodus Moving and Storage - Exodus Gives Back

Exodus Moving and Storage utilizes their services to assist organizations in need through a program they call “Exodus Gives Back.” In 2013, over 82 organizations benefited from Exodus’ donated services, including the Fort Collins Symphony and Realities for Children. Read more...

City of Fort Collins Image
City of Fort Collins - Plant it Forward

In 2011, the City of Fort Collins’ Gardens on Spring Creek, in partnership with the Food Bank for Larimer County, launched an initiative called Plant It Forward. Plant It Forward focuses on bringing produce grown in backyards and local farms to low-income families. Read more...



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