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Become a Social Superstar: Step-By-Step Process

  1. Take the Self-Assessment: This is not the reporting form. The self-assessment is designed to help us further understand your organization's social initiatives. There are no right or wrong answers! Every organization has to start somewhere, and this will help us understand where you are and where you potentially could be. Expect it to take about 15 minutes to complete, however, you are able to save and continue at a later time if needed. THIS IS A ONE-TIME REQUIREMENT. Preview self-assessment questions.

  2. Participate in the post-assessment: When the self-assessment is complete you will be notified automatically. After your submittal has been analyzed, you will be contacted to schedule a post-assessment discussion to explain the program further, discuss initiatives and reporting requirements, and for you to ask questions. You can expect this meeting to take about one hour. THIS IS A ONE-TIME REQUIREMENT.

  3. Complete the Reporting Form: Only complete this form after you have satisfied all other requirements. Reporting is due March 15 each year, however, we encourage you to report ahead of time to avoid the last minute crunch! You can expect reporting to take 30-90 minutes to complete, however, you are able to save and continue at a later time if needed. THIS IS AN ANNUAL REQUIREMENT.

    Note: The amount of time you spend on the Social Superstars program is relative to the extent of your social initiatives. However, administering the Social Superstars program should take approximately three to six hours.

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