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Welcome to Social Superstars!

Most organizations recognize that success is determined by how staff and customers are treated. After all, without the support of committed co-workers and community members, organizational success would not be possible.

The social aspects and elements of organizations are sometimes overlooked because the benefits can be difficult to measure. Social Superstars helps organizations determine these measures, and provides support for organizations wanting to adopt or improve social responsibility goals.

Whether you are thinking about your organization’s social impact for the first time or you have active social initiatives, Social Superstars is for you. Join the increasing number of organizations committed to social responsibility and be recognized for your efforts!

  • Our Mission:

    To create awareness around social sustainability by supporting an engaged group of organizations dedicated to addressing emerging social issues by positively influencing the well-being of coworkers, customers, suppliers, and the community.

    Our Objective:

    To support, recognize and advance Fort Collins organizations' efforts to strengthen the social aspect of their triple bottom line business model (economic vitality, social well-being and environmental stewardship).

  • Business Partner Benefits:

    1.) Recognition of accomplishments through ClimateWise Program and media outlets.

    2.) Initiative development resources and support.

    3.) Participation in a third party review system.

    4.) A framework for socially conscience and targeted initiatives.

    5.) Share best practices and ideas.

    6.) Unique social impact initiatives may have countless other benefits.
  • Business Partner Expectations:

    1.) Complete Social Superstars self-assessment (one-time).

    2.) Participate in Social Superstars post-assessment with ClimateWise representative. (one-time)

    3.) Implement three initiatives, each representing a different Element of Social Impact. (annually)

    4.) Report your initiatives. (annually)


Physical Address: 200 W. Mountain Suite A, Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970) 221-6700
Fax: (970) 221-6619

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