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ClimateWise - New Partners

Welcome to ClimateWise! To help you navigate your first two years as a ClimateWise partner, we’ve put together this guide to assist you in becoming part of our program. Don’t hesitate to contact ClimateWise staff if you have additional concerns.

Year 1

Within the first calendar year* of joining the ClimateWise program, your business must:

Sign a ClimateWise Partner Agreement ():

This agreement states that new partners will develop an action plan, submit data annually, and make an effort to implement feasible measures designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. After signing the agreement, your business will be considered an official member of the program, and your representatives can start attending meetings and events.

Complete a technical assessment of your business:

ClimateWise staff will help you to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency in your buildings related to energy, water, waste and transportation.  See the Technical Assessment page for more details.

Attend Partner Orientation:

Orientation provides potential, new, and existing partners an informative overview of the ClimateWise program, partner levels, myClimateWise web-based data reporting, educational opportunities and more. See the ClimateWise Event Calendar to find out when the next Partner Orientation is being held (typically three times per year). After attending, log on to myClimateWise check your attendance status. If your records differ from ours, please log your attendance. ClimateWise staff will follow up if needed. 

Attend other ClimateWise events (optional):

You may begin attending ClimateWise meetings and participating in program functions at any time after signing the Partner Agreement! Check out upcoming events on our event calendar – it’s a great resource for our partners.

Participate in the ClimateWise Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program (optional):

As a new partner, a mentor can help you understand and complete ClimateWise requirements, provide useful information regarding sustainability, and be the start of a ClimateWise network for your business. To request a mentor, please contact Deb Harris at | 224-6121. 

Year 2 and Beyond

Within the second calendar year of joining the ClimateWise program, your business must:

Achieve Silver or higher level partner status:

For an explanatory diagram of the ClimateWise partner levels, please see the Partner Level page. For detailed information regarding the Silver level requirements, please see the Bronze and Silver Level Reporting Requirement page. You are also welcome to try for the Gold and Platinum levels (see the Gold and Platinum Level Reporting Requirements page).


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