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Access myClimateWise here:

myClimateWise Web Portal

myClimateWise (myCW) empowers business partners with the ability to securely monitor and manage their ClimateWise membership.

Use myCW to:

  • Maintain your team's contact information
  • Review your partner level status
  • Submit level requirement documentation
  • Log / review your meeting attendance
  • Report ClimateWise projects

myClimateWise Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I obtain a myCW login?
  2. How do I log on to myCW?
  3. How do I add a contact to my business?
  4. How do I confirm or log meeting attendance?
  5. I forgot my password
  6. I can log on to my account but I don't see a ClimateWise option (only Account Preferences, Jobs and Subscriptions)


1. How do I obtain a myCW login? When a business joins the ClimateWise program, the principal point of contact will automatically receive a login / password ("credentials") to access the secure ClimateWise portal. Other staff members can request their own logins and be added to a business's myCW page.

1A. If you are an existing ClimateWise business partner and have already received your access credentials, please proceed to Step 2A. If you do not have your credentials or are not sure if you have been given credentials, please continue to Step 1B.

1B. To reset your password or check to see if your credentials are working correctly, visit the City of Fort Collins Secure Citizen Portal website:

1C. For new users, check your email and look for a message from the City of Fort Collins. Follow the included instructions to activate your account.

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2. How do I log on to myCW?

2A. Visit:

2B. Log on to your account using your myCW credentials.

2C. If you do not have credentials or have forgotten your password, see Step 1A.

3. How do I add a contact to my myClimateWise accounts? If you are the principle point of contact at your business, you can add other contacts to your "My Account Details & Contacts" tab. Click the Manage Contacts link and Add Another Contact.

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4. How do I submit my meeting attendance?

4A. All sanctioned meetings/workshops will be listed on myClimateWise. To submit or check your meeting attendance status, simply log on to myCW, go to the "My ClimateWise Progress" tab and select Requirement #5 "Attend Meetings and Seminars". Once ClimateWise has verified your attendance, you will be given credit for attending that meeting or event.

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5. I forgot my password

5A. Go to and click Forgot Your Password? A temporary one will be sent to via email. A permanent password can be reset from the "My Account Details & Contacts" tab.

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Physical Address: 700 Wood St. Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970) 221-6700
Fax: (970) 221-6619