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What is ClimateWise?

ClimateWise is a free, voluntary City of Fort Collins program dedicated to helping local business and the environment. Through environmental assessments and creative solutions, the City of Fort Collins ClimateWise team helps businesses tackle modern-day business challenges that impact bottom lines and the quality of life in Fort Collins. Read on to learn how your business can be part of the more than 360 local companies that have joined the Fort Collins ClimateWise Program.

City of Fort Collins ImageHow does ClimateWise work?

The goal of the ClimateWise program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting waste reduction, energy savings, alternative transportation and water conservation. Businesses that join the program are provided with free:

What does ClimateWise do for Fort Collins?

The ClimateWise program is helping the Fort Collins community meet some of its greenhouse gas reduction goals highlighted in the Climate Action Plan. In 2013, participating business partners reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 171,000 metric tons of CO2e per year and saved $15 million!

Learn how ClimateWise partners saved $83 million.

Check out the 2013 Summary of Accomplishments and be entered in a prize drawing!


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