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ClimateWise 2.0

Please note: ClimateWise 2.0 will be fully operational on October 15, 2015.

How to participate in the meantime:

  1. Review the "How to Participate in ClimateWise 2.0" manual

  2. Take the ClimateWise 2.0 Pledge
    Whether you are a seasoned ClimateWise Partner or a business interested in joining ClimateWise, take the ClimateWise pledge to let us know you want to participate in the new program.

  3. Attend Our Events
    Learn more about ClimateWise 2.0 and ways your organization can reduce its environmental impact.

    ClimateWise 2.0 Orientation Dates: View orientation presentation (pdf)

    Tues., July 14, 2:30- 3:30 p.m., 215 N. Mason St., Community Room - register today

    Fri., August 7, 8:30-9:30 a.m., 215 N. Mason St., Community Room - register today

  4. Serve on the 2015 Advisory Committee
    Advisory Committee members will ensure ClimateWise 2.0 aligns with the needs of the business community, trouble shoot the new myClimateWise and help us educate and recruit Partners. If you are interested in serving, please join us at the Advisory Committee Kick-Off on July 22.

  5. Participate in the WorkWise Challenge
    Help our community win $5 million. Sign up your business for the WorkWise Challenge and find out how to Lose-A-Watt.

Check out the 2014 ClimateWise Operations Report

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Phone: (970) 221-6700
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