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A ClimateWise Celebration

City of Fort Collins ImageClimateWise hosts a celebration of business innovation and environmental stewardship annually at EnvirOvation. This event recognizes the environmental successes all ClimateWise partners and highlights top-level partner milestones that lead to tangible results and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Special recognition is given to partners who achieve the Platinum level.

ClimateWise welcomes citizens to attend this event and discover how our partners transform their operations and contribute to the environmental and economic sustainability of Fort Collins.

Highlights from EnvirOvation 2014 - view EnvirOvation 2014 photos

The ninth annual EnvirOvation took place on May 14, 2014 at the Hilton Fort Collins with over 300 ClimateWise partners and community members in attendance.

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The event included the Business Exhibitor Showcase, featuring local businesses and City program representatives, presentations by City leaders and special messages from Senator Udall's Office and Governor John Hickenlooper.

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Congratulations to Ryan Daniel of Rocky Mountain Innosphere was this year’s Ambassador Award winner.

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EnvirOvation would not be possible without the continued support of ClimateWise partners. Our sincere thanks goes out to everyone who joined us at this year’s celebration, especially the 32 business sponsors whose commitment and support contributed greatly to the event’s success.


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