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Energy Conservation: Guide and Project Ideas for Annual Reporting

Light fixtures at the Police Department
T-8 lighting fixtures and a white ceiling decrease energy use

Project Ideas

  • Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • Initiate a lighting project
  • Install cooling towers
  • Turn off computers/lights
  • Replace appliance or office equipment
  • Upgrade HVAC system
  • Install a programmable thermostat

Reporting Instructions

Data Required
Example of Completed Project
  1.  Documentation of energy savings (kWhs or therms) from contractor or rebate application


  1. Description of equipment prior to change (e.g. number, power, watts, type, or at least age)
  2. Description of new equipment (e.g. power, watts, type)
  3. Operational characteristics (e.g. hours per year that equipment is in operation)

 Project Name: Lighting retrofit 

Details: We replaced our old fluorescent lighting fixtures with higher efficiency ones:

  • Old = 24, 4-lamp, T-12
  • New = 24, 4-lamp T-8
  • Operate 2,000 hours/year.
Calculation: (24 * 148 watt * 2,000 hrs) – (24 * 96 watt * 2,000 hrs)
= 4,608,000 Wh = 4,608 kWh

Project Examples  

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), installed to better monitor the needs of the compressor system, helped reduce monthly energy consumption by over 89,000 kWh by better utilizing the appropriate size compress for the building needs.

Chipper's Lanes
Using a Platte River Power Authority incentive of $5,720, Chipper’s Lanes replaced old style fluorescents with newer fixtures and bulbs for the second year in a row.  This reduced total installed wattage by 10,837 watts and annual electrical consumption by 62,855 kWh.

The Feet, Inc. and Professional Document Management
A lighting retrofit of the entire building achieved through working with The Lighting Center, reduced wattage by 22.39 kW and is projected to reduce annual electrical consumption by 62,692 kWh.

Other sources for project ideas…


ClimateWise, Business Smart.



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