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Guide to Annual Project Reporting

Annual data reporting, Requirement #2, is the foundation of the ClimateWise program and is required by all partners to attain and retain their partner level. Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners are required to annually implement at least one new project with a climate related benefit (Requirement #8).

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1. Why report data?

  • Project data reporting is the foundation of the ClimateWise program.
  • Project reporting is a form of program accountability.
    • Organizational tracking and measuring mechanism.
    • Reporting through myClimateWise allows for independent third party verification of measures to ensure accurate reporting.
  • ClimateWise is an essential part of the community Climate Action Plan, which contains GHG reduction goals.

2. What to report?

ClimateWise projects are:

  • Projects that improve efficiency and/or conservation through one of the following:
    • Energy (reduced electricity or natural gas consumption)
    • Water (reduced water consumption)
    • Solid waste (reduced trash volumes, increased diversion; reduced resource consumption or material reuse)
    • Transportation (reduced vehicle miles or increased alt fuel usage)
  • Have a climate benefit
  • Provide savings and enhance competitiveness


  • Use your assessment report - draw on the recommendations by footprint area from your assessment report for ideas and guidance
  • Be creative! - report any project that increases efficiency and reduces your climate impact
  • Report recycling & transportation - even if no new projects for the year were completed you are at minimum required to report recycling volumes and reduced miles traveled
  • Ask for help - all of the data may not be available or readily measured, so contact ClimateWise staff if you need assistance

Project Criteria:

  • Reporting a project once versus annually:
    • Transportation and Solid Waste programs are reported on an annual basis.
    • Lighting and water projects with a recurring annual benefit are only reported once.
  • Projects should be located within City of Fort Collins GMA. If your benefits extend outside of GMA or are more related to the services you provide, .
  • Projects that are not eligible:
    • Reductions in utility consumption (e.g. lower electrical bills) alone which cannot be attributed to a specific project
    • Any projects related to the handling of potentially hazardous wastes
    • Projects required by law.  For example, the benefits of e-waste recycling are not eligible from the date that e-waste was banned by City ordinance.

Project ideas:

3. How to report?


4. When do I report my successes?

Projects from the previous year should be reported by the first business day in March.

5. Additional Help…

  • Reporting Workshops are held annually in January and February to help with reporting.  If you have NOT reported projects to ClimateWise in the past, you are strongly encouraged to attend one or both workshops to learn more about what information you need to collect in order to report projects. Please see our Event Calendar to find information regarding the next upcoming workshop. 
  • For additional information: Specific questions about annual project reporting should be directed to Matt Gibbs ( | 970-416-2230) 


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