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ClimateWise - Annual Reporting Tools

Annual reporting is required to attain and retain your partner level. While most requirements are easily met and recorded, a few others require more time and understanding to complete. This page provides the tools you need to understand and complete these more intensive requirements. Please refer to the Bronze and Silver Level Reporting Requirements page and Gold and Platinum Level Reporting Requirements for detailed explanations regarding each level requirement.

Reporting Reminders:

  • Reporting deadline: FIRST business day in March for the previous’ years requirements
  • How to submit: Access your account on myClimateWise and complete/report items required for your desired partner level
  • Questions: Contact

Project Data Reporting (Requirement #2 & #8)

Annual data reporting is required by all partners to complete Requirement #2.  Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners are required to annually implement at least one new project with a climate related benefit (Requirement #8). For guidance on how to report and project ideas, please use the following resources:

Gold and Platinum Reporting Tools

Partners are required to submit several forms to satisfy key Gold and Platinum level requirements. All forms are also available for download from your myClimateWise page. 

  • Employee Engagement Challenges: Platinum partners are required to complete two challenges per year. Please use the following documents as you prepare, implement and report.
  • Recognition Poster Form: Platinum partners are required to complete a recognition poster form so ClimateWise staff can create a company success poster. Posters will be displayed at the annual recognition event, EnvirOvation - A ClimateWise Showcase.  Partners may choose to receive a choose a 24” x 36” recyclable poster, an electronic version or both that can be used to promote business environmental success.

Examples of past recognition posters (PDF): Avago Technologies, ReSource, Vineyard Church of the Rockies


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