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2013 Biz Ed Presentations

Water Supply and Conservation - March 2013
Learn about the impacts of the High Park Fire on drinking water supply and quality, water conservation efforts and water restrictions.

Presentation (PDF)
Program Video

Creating a Bike-Friendly Workplace - April 2013
Hear a panel of experts from local, bike-friendly businesses share their expertise in encouraging cycling for their employees.

Program Video

Solar Opportunities for Businesses - May 2013
Discover new opportunities to incorporate solar energy into your business plan.

Presentation (PDF)

Financial Solutions for Efficiency - June 2013
Discover how to leverage financial tools to optimize your business' economic, environmental and social goals.

Program Video
Choosing the Right Specialty Tax Provider (Video)
Energy, Money, Business and Career Performance (Video)
Tax Incentives for Energy Efficiency (Video)

Managing Stormwater Naturally - July 2013
Learn about local Low Impact Development (LID) efforts and regulations to create site drainage that preserves or recreates natural features, improves water quality and reduces maintenance costs.

Program Video

Become a Green Machine - August 2013
Explore new approaches to implementing conservation, education and sustainability projects with a hands-on workshop featuring ClimateWise partners.

Program Video
Partner Presentation - Advanced Animal Care of Colorado (PDF)
Partner Presentation - REI Fort Collins (PDF)

Multi-Family Utility Management - October 2013
Review tips and best practices to help you manage utility accounts most efficiently. Topics include the billing delinquency cycle and lien ordinance, customer data privacy regulations and information release, reverting versus non reverting services, and more.

Presentation (PDF)

Sector Success: Efficiency Best Practices in Retail - November 2013
Energy and water savings best practices discussed for specific business types

Presentation (PDF)
Partner Presentation - The Cupboard (PDF)
Financing Efficiency (Video)
Success story, Wilbur's Total Beverage (Video)

Implementing a Sustainability Program - December 2013
Find out how to implement a successful sustainability program by modifying purchasing guidelines and building a sustainable culture.

Presentation (PDF)
Program video

2013 Business Innovation Fair Presentations

Awareness and Leadership
Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Understanding Climate Change: Global and Local perspectives

Jump-start Culture Change in Your Organization

Keynote Presentation
Building Resiliency Together: New Improved Roads, Buildings and Communities

Steps to a Healthier Business
Asbestos (PDF)
Indoor Air Quality (PDF)
Lead (PDF)
Radon (PDF)

Transportation’s Future
Boost Your Business with Plug-in Electric Vehicles: Fleet Transition (PDF)
Rebuilding Resiliency: Transportation Infrastructure, Green Streets and Stormwater (PDF)

A Regional Perspective on Waste Reduction
Recycling in Northern Colorado (PDF)
Recycling in Fort Collins (PDF)
Recycling in Loveland (PDF)

The Nuts and Bolts of Net Zero Waste: Key Elements Happening on the Ground
Educating Schools on Recycling (PDF)
Purchasing and Waste Minimization (PDF)
Recycling at University of Colorado Health
The Drive for 99.5 (PDF)

2013 Life Cycle Analysis Presentation - July 23, 2013

Life Cycle Analysis Presentation (Video)
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Case Studies PPT (PDF)
LCA Fact Sheet (PDF)
Coffee Analysis: An In-Depth Look Into Your Morning Brew (PDF)
Expanded Polystyrene and a 100% Compostable Alternative (PDF)
Disposable Tissues or Reusable Handkerchiefs? (PDF)
Computers: Use or Replace? (PDF)
LCA Resources (PDF)

2013 EnvirOvation Presentation

EnvirOvation - A ClimateWise Showcase (Video)

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