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CityWorks 101

Want to know exactly how city tax dollars are spent? Curious about the specifics of City operations? Are you interested in making Fort Collins a better place? Then CityWorks 101 is for you. The City of Fort Collins is offering an eight-week program, which will give residents a behind-the-scenes look at running a city. CityWorks 101 provides a unique opportunity to learn more about what services the City provides, and how the City provides them. Participants will see first hand how the City makes decisions and allocates funds.

Classes take place on Thursday evenings, 6-9 p.m., April 2-May 21, and cover the following topics:

  • Ready, Set, Gov - an introduction to Fort Collins local government
  • Creating a Vibrant Community – information on city finances, economic health, and community planning.
  • To Serve and Protect – a behind the scenes look at police operations
  • The Way You Move – a look into street operations, traffic, parking, transit, and more
  • The Utility of it All – an inside look at water, wastewater, stormwater, and electric utilities
  • Let’s Play – an in-depth look at parks and trails, recreation, cultural services, and the hard work behind having fun.
  • Go Green – learn more about our natural areas, environmental programs, and sustainability efforts
  • Pay it Forward – see how it all comes together to form the City’s budget

The program also includes a graduation ceremony on June 2 and two optional Saturday morning tours, dates TBD.

To be considered for CityWorks 101 you must have lived within the Fort Collins Growth Management Area (GMA) for at least one year. Class size is limited to a maximum of 30 people; priority is given to applicants who will attend all eight classes.

Kelly DiMartino, Assistant City Manager, , 221-6505
Wanda Nelson, City Clerk,, 221-6515
Timothy Allen, Communications & Public Involvement Director, , 221-6207
Carson Hamlin, Cable Television Manager, , 221-6510
John Hutto, Chief of Police, , 221-6550
Cory Christensen, Deputy Chief, , 221-6550
Gar Haugo, Police Sergeant/SWAT, , 221-6555
Brett Dollar, Police Officer/K-9, , 221-6555
Kent Robinson, Police Sergeant/Defensive Tactics, , 221-6555
Christine Carroll, Dispatch Supervisor, , 221-6513
Gregg Stonecipher, Plant Operator, , 416-2158
John Litel, Recreation Public Relations Coordinator, , 221-6875
Mark Sears, Natural Areas Manager, , 416-2096
Kurt Friesen, Park Planning & Development Director, , 221-6618
Bill Whirty, Parks Manager, , 221-6305
Jill Stilwell, Cultural Services & Facilities Director, , 416-2935
Kevin Gertig, Utilities Executive Director, , 221-6700
Lisa Gardner, Senior Communications & Marketing Specialist, , 416-2055
Pablo Bauleo, Energy Services Engineer, , 221-6855
Eric Olson, Water Conservation Coordinator, , 221-6704
Gordon Cromwell, Electric Lineworker, , 221-6700
Jake Hirning, Electric Lineworker, , 221-6700
Mike Beckstead, Chief Financial Officer, , 221-6788
Cameron Gloss, Planning Manager, , 224-6174
Dan Beaty, Community Mediation Program Coordinator, , 224-6022
Mark Jackson, Planning, Development & Transportation Deputy Director, , 416-2029
Paul Sizemore, FCMoves Program Manager, , 224-6140
Kurt Ravenschlag, Transfort General Manager, , 221-6386
Belinda Barnes, Interim Parking Services Manager, , 416-2615
Larry Schneider, Streets Superintendent, , 221-6755
Rick Richter, Director of Infrastructure Services, , 221-6798
Kyle Lambrecht, Civil Engineer II, , 221-6566
Joe Olson, City Traffic Engineer, , 224-6062
Lucinda Smith, Environmental Services Director, , 224-6085
Emily Wilmsen, Sustainability Services Public Relations Coordinator, , 221-6870
Josh Birks, Economic Health Director, , 221-6324
Sharon Thomas, CDBG Home Program Administrator, , 221-6595

Boards and Commissions

  • The City of Fort Collins currently has 26 standing boards, commissions and authorities consisting of approximately 225 volunteer members. All board members are appointed by the Fort Collins City Council and serve without compensation. Boards and commissions are established for the purpose of acquiring and studying information in specific areas and to make recommendations to City Council on issues within the board's area of expertise. Some boards are quasi-judicial and have decision-making powers within their areas of expertise. Decisions made by quasi-judicial boards are appealable to the City Council or the courts.

Police Services

  • Police Services is always looking for Victim Advocates, and D1, the Downtown substation, will often have volunteer office assistance opportunities. For those who want to learn more about FCPS, the Citizens Police Academy takes place each fall.

Neighborhood Services

  • Volunteer Mediators
    • Mediators who have completed a 40-hour basic mediation training can volunteer with the Community Mediation Program to provide conflict resolution services to Fort Collins residents involved in conflict with their neighbors
  • Restorative Justice Volunteers
    • Restorative Justice Services is often open for new volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of young people and community members affected by crime. We want people with good communication skills, open minds and a desire to work with youth and families. Experience in restorative justice, mediation and/or group facilitation is helpful. We are also looking to balance our volunteer team with more adult males. To learn more about the Restorative Justice Programs, call Perrie McMillen 970-416-2290.

Gardens on Spring Creek

  • Numerous opportunities.

Environmental Services

  • Healthy Sustainable Homes Program Volunteers. We offer a 20 hour training each April for community volunteers to become Master Home Educators.

Natural Areas

  • Volunteer Master Naturalists
  • Volunteer Master Naturalist Assistants
  • Volunteer Ranger Assistants
  • Adopt a Natural Area Volunteers
  • Adopt a Trail Volunteers
  • Service Learning Projects – One time volunteer events.