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Employees and Exempt Specialized Trade Subcontractors


Employee identification cards are required for all payroll trade employees regulated herein who are performing work on a Ft. Collins job site, if the employee is someone other than the license holder or the supervisor certificate holder. To obtain employee identification cards, copies of the employees' W-4 forms together with a current copy of worker's compensation insurance must be submitted to the Building & Zoning department.

As employees are hired throughout the year, a copy of the new employee's W-4 form should be faxed or mailed to Building & Zoning, and an employee identification card will be forwarded to your company. Employee identification cards should be collected from those employees who are terminated from your company and destroyed. It is important to stay current on this since building inspectors may ask for such identification while on job sites and may instruct employees who do not have an appropriate identification card to stop working until one has been obtained.

Partners can obtain identification cards by submitting copies of documents verifying the existence of the partnership, i.e., a partnership agreement, trade name registration, or tax forms.

Subcontractors and/or independent contractors are required to have their own license with the exception of exempt specialized trade subcontractors (see below).

Exempt Specialized Trade Subcontractors:

Only licensed specialized trade contractors may utilize exempt specialized trade subcontractors. An exempt specialized trade subcontractor is any person, firm, partnership, corporation, association, other organization, or any combination thereof, which:

  • Is paid or otherwise compensated to perform construction or a trade for which a specialized trade contractor license is required but does not have such license;
  • Is not a payroll employee of a specialized trade contractor; and
  • Performs work pursuant to a direct subcontract with a licensed specialized trade contractor.

When such exempt subcontractors are used, the licensed specialized trade contractor is responsible for employing a City approved supervisor who is required to be readily available and present full-time on the project site where such subcontracted work is being performed to ensure that when completed such work fully conforms to applicable code(s).

Each exempt specialized trade subcontractor must be registered with the Building & Zoning Department. See Exempt Specialized Trade Subcontractor form (PDF 13KB). All exempt specialized trade subcontractors must provide proof of general liability insurance coverage and, if utilizing payroll employees, proof of worker's compensation insurance coverage for all employees.

Exempt specialized trade subcontractors may not be used by any Class A, B, C-1, C-2, D-1, D-2 or E general contractors.