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Homestead Park
elevator doors    homestead pipes
"Joy Ride"
by Kenny Schneider

7045 Avondale
Completed 2003

Colorado artist Kenny Schneider created a 100 foot long fence for the new Homestead Park in south Fort Collins. The fence is constructed of a series of pipes that are cut to various lengths. Each length represents a musical note and are set to create a musical score. The visitor can strike the pipes in order and are rewarded with Bach's "Joy of Mans Desiring."

Artist's Statement
The form of beauty I most identify with is the comic; it casts a spell over me. This aesthetic factor gives me the impulse to create, to animate. It is invested with the noblest qualities we are capable of perceiving in things: rhythm and harmony.

The Volga Germans were among the original settlers in the Fort Collins area. The Homestead Park Project gave me an opportunity to create a metaphor based on their contribution to the area. Shortly after the death of J.S. Bach many Germans migrated to Russia on Catherine the Great's invitation for them to help develop the vast and unsettled areas along the Volga River.

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