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East Drake Reclamation Plant

"East Drake Pondworks"
By Lynne Hull
3036 Environmental Drive

Artist Lynne Hull's interest in wildlife habitat restoration, combined with the diversity of wildlife reported at the project site generated ideas for several small wildlife habitat sculptures and more. The site includes an Entrance Archway, wildlife Observation Screen, Viewing Pipes, sculptural Bird Island, Picnic Area, Grandmother Tree, Kingfisher Tower, Water Sluice, Duck and Bird Houses and Toad Tunnels. View Pipes will point out water sources in the landscape located near the Poudre Trail. Water Sluice is a hand-powered water pump to fill various basins for various non-human species. Grandmother Tree, made of tree snags, will provide cavities and roosting areas for birds. Bird Island offers a safety zone for insects, birds, reptiles, and amphibians to rest or bask in the sun. Come and enjoy the variety of elements at this site.

Artist Statement

"Since my artwork is focused on wildlife habitat restoration, I am delighted to work on some wetland mitigation ponds as an APP project. The size and scope of this project are a challenge and inspiration. I am exploring new and more lasting materials, such as metal, concrete, and stone, in ways I have not done previously. I am working at combining natural materials with (partly recycled) materials used in our water infrastructure, as well learning ancient sustainable "cob" and "wattle and daub" construction techniques for a "wildlife viewing blind". The underlying theme of the project is "we all need clean water" - the "we" including other species beyond human. Some structures point out or interpret water sources, needs and responsibilities, while others offer sharing of space with species found at or traveling through the site. Many of these species are aquatic, others are interwoven in their web of life."