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Snow Removal

The Fort Collins street maps below are color coded with snow routes. These include both streets and designated bike routes. The size of the file is in parenthesis following each route. Motor vehicles may be towed from Priority One routes if they are not moved when a snow emergency is declared by the Fort Collins Streets Department.

Priority One
Emergency snow routes which must be kept open to provide a transportation system connecting hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and the rescue squad units.

Priority Two
Streets in the high volume traffic network.

Priority Three
School areas and bus routes.

Priority Four
Streets primarily located in residential areas (not shown in maps). These streets are usually not plowed, although intersections in residential areas are sanded as time permits.

Except in unusual circumstances, all Priority One, Two, and Three streets will be kept open and maintained at all times. As winter storm conditions worsen, it may be necessary to drop Priority Three or even Priority Two streets temporarily in order to ensure that the Priority One streets remain open.