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Standard Color Codes for Underground Facilities

  Paint Color Description
Water (City of Fort Collins Water 970-221-6681)
  Green Wastewater (City of Fort Collins Wastewater 970-221-6681)
  Green with the letters "SD" Storm Drainage (City of Fort Collins Stormwater Utility 970-221-6589)
  Orange Communications (Qwest Communications 800-922-1987)
  Pink Identifying Repairs to Curb & Gutter (City of Fort Collins Engineering 970-221-6605) See Pink Paint.
  Red Electrical Power (Light & Power 970-221-6700)
  Silver Cable TV (TCI of Fort Collins 970-493-7400)
  Yellow Gas or Liquids Pipelines--other than water (Public Service 303-772-7858 or 970-225-4010)
  White Proposed Excavation


Call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 800-922-1987.