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Restorative Justice Services

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Restorative Justice Youth Conferencing

A restorative justice volunteer reviews contract requirements with a youth participant.

Fort Collins Restorative Justice Services, which includes RJCP and RESTORE, could not run without the volunteers who support the program.

Restorative Justice volunteers are community members who come from a variety of backgrounds. They assist the program in many ways, including: participate in restorative justice circles, help with administrative duties, public relations within the community, data collection and reporting, court arraignments and many more areas.

Community volunteers are required to go through an application process similar to the process for city employees. This process includes an interview, background check and drug test. Those volunteers who choose to become facilitators go through additional training, and a more extensive background investigation.

The program currently has 30 active volunteers. The program is particularly in need of more men, and anyone with training and experience in mediation and facilitation.

If interested in volunteering, download the Volunteer Application (46KB) and the Background Check (39KB), fill them out and contact Perrie McMillen, program director.