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Restorative Justice Services

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pic A 13 year-old female illustrates the problems with not being yourself, and peer pressure.
  • The number of young people who received services from the Restorative Justice Services Programs: 2,266
    • Male: 1,227
    • Female: 1039
  • Young people served by The RESTORE program: 1,366
  • Young people served by the Restorative Justice Conferencing Program (RJCP): 850
  • Young people served using other restorative processes: 50


Young people who come through Restorative Justice are checked for later violations of the law. This is called the recidivism rate, the percentage who commit another offense.

The following recidivism rates are based on young people who entered the RJS programs from February 2008 - April 2011 and completed the program. Checks at 12 months past program completion were done for all these young participants. The recidivism checks were done on the Fort Collins Police Services Tiberon system, which covers Larimer County.

Recidivism Rate at 12 months past program completion: 8.7%

This check includes all offenses, including drug and alcohol, but not smoking violations.

Recidivism Rate at 12 months past program completion for a same or similar crime: 2%

This check includes offenses that are the same type of offense, or a similar offense to the offense for which they came to RJS. For example a shoplifting theft would be same or similar to any other kind of theft, including fraud or larceny but a theft would not be the same or similar to a drug or alcohol violation.