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Mediation: The City of Fort Collins offers two types of mediation, depending on your needs.

Community Mediation Program

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The Community Mediation Program provides free, confidential conflict resolution services to Fort Collins residents. This service emphasizes a safe, effective, neutral, environment and is guided by professional mediators from the Fort Collins Community. Please note that mediators cannot offer legal advice or answer any questions of a legal nature. Those issues should be referred to a private attorney.

Examples of Community Mediation

  • Noise problems
  • Nuisance behaviors
  • Property maintenance concerns
  • Animal issues
  • Property line disputes
  • Trees and shrubbery conflicts
  • Student-neighbor problems
  • Occupancy and rental habitability concerns
  • Parking disputes
  • Landlord-tenant conflicts (e.g. security deposits, early lease terminations)

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Municipal Court Mediation

Municipal court mediation may be an option rather then going to court when you have received a summons. The mediation session can lead to a written agreement that will allow your summons to be set aside with no criminal misdemeanor record.

Examples of Municipal Court Mediation

  • Noise
  • Barking dogs
  • Pets off leash
  • Property maintenance
  • Minor Harassments

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