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E-911 GIS Data Set Maintenance
The City GIS Department has been chosen by the Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA) to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the agency's GIS data sets. These data sets are used by all emergency services agencies throughout Larimer County. The data is used within Computer-Aided Dispatch systems in order to assist dispatchers in the process of assigning and sending the appropriate agencies and equipment in response to 911 calls. It is also used for digital, mobile mapping within emergency vehicles and offices, and to create mapping products such as agency wall maps and emergency response map books.

Parcel Geodatabase
At the end of this year, the GIS Department will adopt and implement a new data structure, a geodatabase, for its core data sets, including; parcels, subdivisions, street networks, address management, and street naming master lists. The geodatabase is a relatively new data format for GIS software that moves GIS data storage and retrieval into the enterprise environment of relational databases, such as Oracle, the city's database standard. This format provides improved functionality, bringing even more "intelligence" to the data, as well as making it much more readily available to the organization. GIS is currently working with a vendor that is assisting with the transition by developing ongoing maintenance applications that should be delivered in December, 2004. Other, peripheral GIS data sets will be migrated to the new format as well, with GIS staff converting those shortly thereafter.