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Current Cable 14 Programs

City Meetings

Fort Collins City Council Adjourned Meeting & Work Session 9/12/17

City Council discussed the duties of the municipal judges, appointed Kathleen Lane as the Chief Municipal Judge, made findings of fact regarding The Crowne at Old Town North appeal, heard an update on homelessness in Fort Collins, discussed the first two CSU games at the new on-campus stadium, & talked about public engagement efforts by the City.

Fort Collins City Council Meeting 9/19/17

Landmark Preservation Commission Meeting 9/20/17

County Programs

That Larimer County Show - A Great Place to Work

Larimer County Land Use Meeting 9/18/17, 3 PM

That Larimer County Show - County Commissioners

Neil and Michelle talk with the County Commissioners about their past, present and future hopes for themselves and the County.

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #1 - Safety & Wellbeing

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #1 - Safety & Wellbeing

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #4 - Transportation

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #4 - Transportation

Larimer County Services: For All of Us

Learn about how the County uses property taxes to fund their services provided to everyone.

That Larimer County Show - Economic Development

Folks from cities & towns around Larimer County gather with Neil to discuss their economic strategies and partnerships.

That Larimer County Show - Remembering

Larimer County Planning Commission Meeting 9/20/17


Eat Well Be Happy - Bread, Soup & Salad

Life-changing Bread, Antipasto Salad, Revitalizing Soup

Road to Recovery - September 2017

This episode covers recovery among diverse populations.

Wanderin Through Fort Collins Past - The Overland Trail

Local historian Wayne Sundberg talks about the early history of Fort Collins. Specifically, about the Overland Trail, which brought settlers to the area, and the Fort from which Fort Collins gets it's name.

Spring Creek Flood Memorial Ceremony

Ask Me Anything - Foothills Mall

Rec on Record: Episode 11

We talk about end of summer events, learn about upgrades around recreation facilities and learn about the FCMOD.

NASA 360 - Volcanoes

NASA 360 learns how to make breathable oxygen and drinkable water from lunar soil, visits amazing observatories and discovers how NASA monitors volcanoes.

CityView Episode 66

Lowdown on Low Water Plants

Landscape Designers Anne Clark and Sally Guthart will share a selection of trees, shrubs and perennials that make a desirable addition to your urban garden. Integrate water-wise plants into your landscape to create seasonal interest and year-round beauty.

City at a Glance - Town & Gown

Studio 14 - City & CSU Community

Ginny talks with Emily Allen about the relationship between the City & CSU, the processes and programs that are provided for students to make them better citizens of Fort Collins and to make permanent residents better neighbors for students!

Legacy - Ray Martinez

Former Fort Collins Mayor, Ray Martinez.

Out of the Box - Nature in the City

Out of the Box - Utilities Geoexchange Project