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Women's Commission

The Commission is created for the purpose of enhancing the status of and opportunities for all women in the City. The Commission shall have the ability to:

  1. Document issues of importance to the status of women in the City;
  2. Conduct educational programs in the Fort Collins community to increase public awareness and sensitivity to the needs and capabilities of all women;
  3. Cooperate with other organizations and individuals interested in issues affecting women in the Fort Collins area;
  4. Review proposed legislation, policy changes or other governmental action at the federal, state or local level that would enhance or otherwise affect the status of women in the City and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the same; and
  5. Recommend to the City Council the adoption of local legislation or policies that would enhance the status of women in the City.

Interested in applying?

Regular Meeting Schedule:

3rd Wednesday of each month
6:30 p.m.
Room 1-B (west entrance)
215 N. Mason

view meeting schedule >>for more information (including exceptions to the regular schedule)

Recommended Qualifications:

No special qualifications necessary.

Time Commitment:

5-8 hours/month

Current Members:

Term Expires:
December 31, 2015    Annette Zacharias and Vacant
December 31, 2016    Catherine Douras, Lea Hanson and Huston Morse
December 31, 2017    Ginny Carroll and Stacia Ryder
December 31, 2018    Molly Alderton and Elizabeth Donovan

Council Liaison: Kristin Stephens