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Natural Resources Advisory Board

The Natural Resources Advisory Board shall have the following functions:

  1. To advise the City Council on all matters pertaining to natural resources and environmental protection issues of concern to the city;
  2. To analyze various natural resources issues and to aid and guide the development of city-wide natural resources programs to address currently existing and potential natural resources and environmental issues;
  3. To promote citizen participation and public education on city-wide natural resources and environmental protection issues;
  4. To be aware of and coordinate with the Environmental Services Department's technical advisory committees;
  5. To perform such other duties and functions and have such other powers as provided by the City Council.

Regular Meeting Schedule:

3rd Wednesday of each month
6 p.m.
Conference Room 1A (west entrance)
215 N. Mason

view meeting schedule >> for more information (including exceptions to the regular schedule)

Recommended Qualifications:

Interest and background in environmental stewardship for the Fort Collins community, with preference given to applicants with training or education in the sciences.

Time Commitment:

6-8 hours/month

Current Members: Interested in applying?

Council Liaison: Bob Overbeck

Term Expires:
December 31, 2015    Joe Halseth, Jeremy Sueltenfuss, and Kelly McDonnell
December 31, 2016    Harry Edwards and Robert Mann
December 31, 2017    Vacant and John Bartholow
December 31, 2018    Nancy DuTeau, and Luke Caldwell