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June 10, 2008

Special Election

At the June 10, 2008 special election, the following ballot issue was voted on.

Ballot Issues:

  • Citizen-Initiated Charter Amendment
    (relating to collective bargaining)


    Yes 5,780 29.48%
    No 13,827 70.52%
    Voter Turnout Total Ballots cast: 19,624 Percentage: 29.41%
    (of the 66,718 active, registered voters)
    Voter Turnout and Summary of Results by District

    Ballot Issue

    Citizen-Initiated Charter Amendment

    An amendment to the City Charter granting the right to organize and bargain collectively with the City to all full-time police officers of the City maintaining the rank of lieutenant and below, as well as community service officers, dispatchers, dispatcher supervisors, dispatch managers or their equivalent, and also granting the right to organize and bargain collectively with the City to all other classified employees of the City within a particular department who are not "exempt" employees under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act; authorizing such employees to select a bargaining agent; establishing procedures for collectively bargaining with the City regarding compensation, benefits, hours, and other conditions of employment; authorizing an arbitrator, chosen by the bargaining agent and the City from a panel selected by City Council, to make a binding decision on all unresolved bargaining issues through binding arbitration; requiring the bargaining agent and the City to equally share the expenses of arbitration; prohibiting any change in the compensation, hours, working conditions, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment for such employees, unless agreed to by the employee organization; and prohibiting such employees from withholding services to the City by strike or other method.

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