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Economic Advisory Commission

The duties and functions of the Commission are:

  1. To advise City Council on matters pertaining to the economic health and sustainability of the city, including, but not limited to, (a) events and trends occurring outside the Fort Collins community that may affect the local economy; (b) immediate and long-term threats to the local economy; (c) ways in which to enhance the City's competitive position in relation to other communities; and (d) possible partnerships with other public and private entities;
  2. To recommend programs and strategies that may enhance the economic health and sustainability of the city;
  3. To be aware of and coordinate with other City boards and commissions whose actions may affect the economic health and sustainability of the City;
  4. To advise Council on existing or proposed policies, practices or regulations of the City that may affect the local economy; and
  5. To perform other such duties and functions as provided by the City Council.

Regular Meeting Schedule:

3rd Wednesday of each month
11 a.m.
Citizen Information Center (CIC) Room
300 LaPorte Ave.

view meeting schedule >> for more information (including exceptions to the regular schedule)

Recommended Qualifications:

Members shall represent a cross section of the community and shall include persons with experience in economics, business or finance and persons with experience in other areas that the City Council may consider to be especially important to the economic health and sustainability of the community.

Time Commitment:

2-4 hours/month

Current Members: Interested in applying?

Council Liaison: To be determined

Term Expires:
December 31, 2015    Ann Hutchison and Glen Colton
December 31, 2016    Michael Kulisheck, Denichiro Otsuga, Michael Rechnitz and Linda Stanley
December 31, 2018    Sam Solt, Kim Dale, and Theodore Settle