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City Cable 14 brings you City and County Meetings, shows you what's happening on the Local Scene, and gives you the information you crave!

Whether it's political debates, discussions of local issues, information on protecting the environment, or just getting an inside view of your City Council ... Cable 14 brings it all to you!

Did you know the City has its own YouTube Channel? View public service announcements and City-produced programs. There may not be any cute baby animal videos, but you'll learn a lot about our community!

Mobile Device Video Stream

The City of Fort Collins is bringing live video streaming and video on demand to your mobile devices in addition to your desktop computer. This includes most Apple, Android, and modern BlackBerry phones and tablets-no app or plugin required!

With any mobile technology, bandwidth and specific device capabilities will impact performance. As we prepare to roll out this feature in mid-July, your feedback will help us optimize this new service.

Click the button below to access the mobile video test stream and let us know how it works for you by emailing with the subject heading "Mobile Video Streaming" and detailing your experience.

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Note: Some videos require Microsoft's free media player, which you can download here.