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Roasted peppers with special gravy
Making Meat and Leather in the Corridor of Dreams: Folsom Buffalo Hunting at Stewart?s Cattle Guard Site and the Upper Rio Grande, Colorado
David & Darin talk with Mike & Lawrence from the budget office to discuss the process and some specifics of the 2015/2016 budget.
Today on NASA X, we will follow members of the NESC as they test new designs to gain as much knowledge as possible about engineering safety. We will focus specifically on several new designs that will affect future spacecraft, and we will see how computerized modeling paired with hardware tests are now being used to pave the way for safe space systems of the future.
Searching for Lindenmeier: Digging Archaeology in Museum Archives and Collections
Panel discussion on BOB 2.0. Pros and cons of it.
Curious about what?s going on at the Foothills Mall? What?s the City?s role? Who are the new tenants? Get that and more when you watch the latest Full Circle on Cable 14.