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Cable Franchise

The City held a public forum on Oct. 2, 2013 to allow citizens to give their input on Comcast for the upcoming Cable TV Franchise renegotiations. Watch the video

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Franchise Renewal Process

The City has a non-exclusive cable franchise agreement in effect with the local subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. It became effective on March 17, 2006 and expires on March 16, 2015. With the pending expiration of the current franchise agreement, Comcast has indicated it wishes to renew the franchise agreement.

The renewal process includes an overall evaluation of Comcast's compliance with our current franchise agreement; community needs assessment to identify community expectations, City staff review of the current state of the cable industry and active negotiations with Comcast. The City is working with consultants to evaluate the financial, technical, and customer service standards compliance to ensure that Comcast is meeting the obligations outlined in the Franchise Agreement.

The City wants your feedback about Comcast cable television service. Please complete a questionnaire about your cable television experience in Fort Collins.

The cost for cable television service (without internet or telephone services) ranges from $26.70 per month for the basic tier to $142.99 per month for the most comprehensive tier. For complete information on all currently available packages and their pricing, call Comcast Customer Service at 1-800-266-2278.

Some key elements of the franchise are:

  • Service area: The franchise requires that Comcast provide service to all residents within The City of Fort Collins. There may be charges for installation depending on the specific circumstances of each residence; please contact Comcast for details.
  • Comcast Work: Comcast has the right to occupy and access right-of-way easements located adjacent to both subscriber and non-subscriber property to install and maintain their cable infrastructure. Comcast must provide notice when undertaking such work and the notice requirements are set out in the Customer Service Standards.
  • Programming: Pursuant to federal law, the City cannot require specific programming (other than that the company must provide diverse programming), influence the cost of service, or regulate other services provided over cable (such as high speed internet and digital voice services).

Concerns or complaints related to the franchise or Customer Services Standards should be directed to the City’s Franchise Administrator, Carson Hamlin, at 970-221-6510.

Franchise Renewal Process Timeline


  • City Organization and Community Needs Assessment
  • Technical Audit
  • Financial Audit


  • Negotiations


  • Renewal

What is Broadband?

Broadband often refers to high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than traditional dial-up service, however the term can also apply to cable television sometimes referred to as a “classic” broadband system.

Broadband users can access such services as internet, streaming media, internet phone (VoIP), gaming, TV and interactive services via a digital subscription, cable modem, fiber, wireless, satellite or broadband over power lines (BPL).

In accordance with FCC regulations, the City’s Comcast franchise cannot regulate internet, VoIP, streaming services, gaming and satellite services. 

What the City’s franchise with Comcast covers:

  • Cable television
  • Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access television

What the City’s franchise with Comcast does not cover:

  • Internet
  • VoIP
  • Streaming services
  • Gaming
  • Satellite

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