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Plan Fort Collins

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Public Outreach

Plan Fort Collins' planning process had three main phases: Phase 1: Understand, Phase 2: Envision and Analyze, and Phase 3: Implement and Adopt. The process was supported throughout by a three-pronged approach to communicate with and engage the community:

  • eNetwork, consisting of a website and social media, video clips and presentations, online surveys, etc.
  • Event Network, consisting of key public events such as workshops and public meetings that are well publicized through web and media.
  • Community Network, consisting of information conveyed to City boards and commissions and other groups and organizations such as service clubs via “roadshow” presentations and questionnaires.


Event Log

PHASE 3: Implement and Adopt

Open House Feedback and Online Comments

October 12 and 14, 2010

Feedback Gathered at The Big Reveal

December 12, 2010 | 7 pgs | 48k

Comments on the Draft Plan from Boards & Commissions

23 pgs | 1M

Public Comments on Draft Plan Fort Collins Documents

5 pgs | 53k

PHASE 2: Envision and Analyze

Boards and Commissions Summit Feedback

April 22, 2010

Draft Vision and Policy Choices Outline for City Council Work Session

May 25, 2010

Summary of Feedback – Community Workshop Comment Cards and Online Polling Responses

June 29-30, 2010

Carrying Forward Existing Goals and Policies

June 22, 1010

June 29/30 Community Workshop Opening Session Key Pad Poling Results

June 29-30, 2010

Community Workshop Comments on Refining the Vision

June 29-30, 2010

Community Workshop Transportation Session Key Pad Polling Results

June 29-30, 2010

Round 2 Focus Groups - Summary of Feedback

July 2010

General Feedback about Policy Choices

June/July 2010

City Council Work Session Minutes

July 27, 2010

City Council Work Session Minutes

August 10, 2010

Question of the Week 1. Reshaping Streets

Question of the Week 2. Local Agriculture

Question of the Week 3. Economy

Question of the Week 4. Composting

Question of the Week 5. Traffic

Question of the Week 6. Neighborhoods

PHASE 1: Understand

Consolidated Summary of all Phase 1 Feedback

Community Reception - Comments and Ideas

March 3, 2010

Futurist Event - Live Polling Results

March 3, 2010

Community Workshop - Group Feedback and Polling Results

March 4, 2010

City Council Work Session Minutes

March 23, 2010

Boards and Commissions - Phase 1 and Snapshot Feedback

Online Futurist Polling Survey Results

Online Snapshot Survey Results

Round 1 Focus Group Feedback

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