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Plan Fort Collins

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High Performing Community


  • A collaborative and community-based approach to problem solving.
  • Inclusive and accessible to all people.
  • Effective and efficient local governance where all voices are valued.
  • Fiscal sustainability and transparency in the City organization.
  • World-class communications technology.

Key Principles

  • Encouraging and celebrating volunteerism and philanthropy throughout the community.
  • Understanding and promoting the qualities that make Fort Collins a community where people choose to live including strong schools, a learning community, and many organizations working for positive change.
  • Providing outstanding customer service and working collaboratively with citizens to address issues and resolve problems.
  • Collaborating with public, private, and non-profit organizations to maximize efficiency, innovation, and mutual benefits.
  • Serving as a model for effective local governance.
  • Striving to balance desired service levels against changing costs and revenues.
  • Providing clear and transparent information concerning the budget process.
  • Encouraging vibrant public discourse through technology, and pursuing technological solutions to ensure services are accessible, transparent, and efficient.
  • Facilitating the exploration of collaborative solutions to expand citizens’ access to communication technologies.

Priority Actions

The following is a partial list of implementation actions identified as priorities in the Action Plan. Please refer to the Action Plan for a complete list of implementation actions.

  • Evaluate a method for prioritizing programs and services across multiple budget results areas
  • Convene a representative group of Boards and Commissions members to assess and suggest improvements to Boards and Commissions processes
  • Develop real-time energy use displays in public buildings and provide for vehicle charging capability at new municipal buildings

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