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Plan Fort Collins

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City Plan 2011

City Plan in the New York Times

The City Plan structure was fundamentally based on the City’s Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) organizing framework. The BFO process and organization is designed to be simple and easily understood by a variety of audiences. The 2011 City Plan structure was also aligned with the City’s vision to become a world-class community, with supporting principles and policies within the following seven chapters: Economic Health, Environmental Health, Community and Neighborhood Livability, Safety and Wellness, Culture, Parks, and Recreation, High Performing Community, and Transportation.

Innovate, Sustain, Connect

City Plan is the comprehensive plan for the City of Fort Collins and illustrates how we envision the future of Fort Collins over a 20-25 year time period. It shows us how we can get there step by step. The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) serves to explain a bold vision for the long-term multimodal transportation system supporting the Fort Collins community well into the future. The TMP provides policy direction for decisions regarding the implementation of the transportation system to achieve the community’s vision.

In the 2011 update, Plan Fort Collins allowed the City to maximize efficiency and share resources for public events and presentations. The 2011 update was prepared with extensive involvement from City Utilities, leading to close integration of a variety of topics like energy, water, and stormwater, which the previous City Plan had incorporated in a more cursory manner. Re-branding these two efforts as Plan Fort Collins, a more simplified, recognizable name, afforded even greater public awareness and understanding of the two projects. And like the shared name, the process to update the two plans was unified around the tenets of innovation, sustainability, and connections, so that the long-range visions and policies for City Plan and the Transportation Master Plan would be mutually supportive and comprehensive.