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Plan Fort Collins

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Culture, Parks and Recreation


Arts and cultural events such as Downtown concerts can help enhance the identity of Fort Collins and attract visitors.


  • A recognized destination for arts and culture.
  • Arts and creativity integrated into community life and economic health.
  • An interconnected and wide network of parks and recreational facilities.
  • Multi-purpose and new types of facilities to meet the needs of a changing community.


  • Promoting, stimulating, and encouraging the growth of cultural development and participation, recognizing that artistic and cultural opportunities are essential to a vital and creative community.
  • Employing arts and culture as an economic driver and promoting Downtown as a world-class cultural center and destination.
  • Recognizing that cultural education and participation are vital to stimulating a creative community, encouraging personal development and promoting social well being.

Parks and Recreation

  • Maintaining and providing a variety of high quality recreational opportunities to the community through an interconnected and diverse network of parks, trails, recreation facilities, public spaces, and natural areas.
  • Adapting parks and recreation facilities to meet the range of needs of a changing community.

As the population changes so will demands on recreational facilities and desired recreational programming.

Priority Actions

The following is a partial list of implementation actions identified as priorities in the Action Plan. Please refer to the Action Plan for a complete list of implementation actions.

  • Convene an inter-departmental team to explore new opportunities to partner on acquiring and managing various open lands for multiple uses (e.g., natural areas, recreation, stormwater, trails, agriculture, etc.).
  • Convene and interdepartmental team to watershed to explore and pursue new opportunities to partner on stream restoration, enhancement and water quality projects.
  • Make the Arts and Culture Directory of arts venues and arts organizations available to the public on the City’s website,
  • Support development of an Arts Council to serve as a “chamber of commerce” for the arts and culture industry.
  • Explore long-term funding options for parks and recreation operations, maintenance, and construction of new facilities.