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Plan Fort Collins

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Action Plan


The adoption of City Plan and the Transportation Master Plan is the first step to implementation. Continuing action to implement these plans is necessary in order for them to have a lasting impact. The Action Plan describes how the principles, policies, and actions in City Plan should be carried out.

City Plan is called upon to address a range of diverse, sometimes divergent, public interests. It addresses a host of concerns within a consistent, well-integrated policy framework. In implementing this plan, it is the task of staff, the Planning and Zoning Board, and City Council to make policy determinations in a manner that promotes the overall goals of the plan and the public welfare, in accordance with existing resources, staffing, and priorities. Policy and program implementation require reasonable and thoughtful consideration of other plan policies. Such implementation decisions come up on a case-by-case basis as City Council, the Planning and Zoning Board, City staff, and others work to effectively implement the entire plan.

The following principles guide plan implementation:

  • Implementation can take time, especially when needed resources are limited and required for more than one program. As such, City Council and staff will need to prioritize programs. The plan contemplates this ongoing process as part of the City’s policymaking function.
  • While the plan identifies specific programs, implementation measures may be adjusted over time based on new information, changing circumstances, and evaluation of their effectiveness, so long as they remain consistent with the intent of the plan.

The Action Plan sets forth key actions and strategies to implement and achieve the vision of Plan Fort Collin . The Action Plan is comprised of two main components:

  • Priority Actions and Strategies – A summary of key projects, programs, regulations, partnerships, organizational changes, and other actions and strategies to work towards during and after adoption of Plan Fort Collins .
  • Catalyst Projects – A discussion about how to implement new catalytic projects that emerge from Plan Fort Collins and cross traditional functional areas, including an illustrative set of viable implementation tools and policy choices for each catalyst project.


This section sets forth ideas for high priority actions and strategies to begin implementation of Plan Fort Collins immediately with adoption of the plan, as well as near- and longer-term ideas to accomplish the plan.

Included in this section are new ideas from staff teams and public feedback, in addition to other ideas from previous planning efforts that directly relate to Plan Fort Collins. The Priority Actions and Strategies outlined in this section are organized into three key time frames:

  • Immediate Actions – Concurrent and ongoing with plan adoption in early 2011.
  • Near-term Actions - Following plan adoption, before the next City Budgeting for Outcomes cycle (mid-2011 through 2012).
  • Longer-Term Actions – Several years following plan adoption with the next Budgeting for Outcomes cycle until the next Plan Fort Collins update (2013 and beyond).

The Action Plan identifies the recommended actions and strategies within these time frames.