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Percent of Time Fire Contained to Room of Origin

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance


This measurement can have significant variability because a small number of incidents may change the percent of success dramatically. In some cases, fires which have grown significantly before the 9-1-1 emergency call is received will be well beyond the control of emergency personnel before they arrive on scene. The organization is evaluating further opportunities to limit fire spread through the use of building sprinklers. The 3rd quarter 2015 measure shows a 80% success rate. Further examination of this data has revealed that the manner in which the data is entered and subsequently filtered is not aligned with the intended measure and this metric will be updated for the 2016 dashboard. In addition, the Poudre Fire Authority has recently implemented improvements in the records management system for recording flashover.

Metric Definition

This measure relates to the ability of on-scene firefighters and building sprinklers to prevent fire flashover and the spread of a structure fire.

Why Is This Important?

Flashover is the stage of a structure fire when it becomes extremely dangerous to occupants, structures and firefighters. During a flashover, temperatures and conditions are intense and an entire room can burst into flames, causing a fire to spread to other parts of the structure. By containing a fire to its room of origin and delaying flashover, firefighters can buy several minutes, which may be critical. Delaying flashover allows more time to complete a search and rescue of the burning room or allow a firefighter to go above a fire to rescue a trapped victim. Delaying flashover and fire spread can limit fire loss and injuries to occupants and firefighters.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - PFA's ability to influence the fire containment to the room of origin is rooted in effective firefighter training to attack fire upon arrival, efficient response times, education and outreach to the community on fire safety practices, and the mandatory use of fire sprinklers in some buildings to limit the spread of fire.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress