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Response Time to Graffiti Removal

Desired Result: Below Target

Analysis of Performance

Since the Graffiti Abatement Team was reorganized in 2011 and became a pro-active force later that year, the number of recorded graffiti issues has finally started to decline. The peak year was 2012 with some 4,393 issues, while 2013 saw a drop to 3,836 issues and for 2014 the number again dropped to 3,434. This is attributed to three factors: First, in 2012 a lot of long standing (old) graffiti was located and addressed and more importantly (secondly) the team was given the ability to increase public assistance to include removal and sub-contracting out some serious vandalism issues and finally, the graffiti was being removed quicker for the first time on a consistent basis (both public and private property). This affect reduced the graffiti taggers drive or ambition to have their “work” noticed. So the savings the team generated by the reduction in numbers was in turn used to subsidize the private property efforts.

Despite the 22% reduction in graffiti issues since 2012, the Graffiti Abatement Team is actually abating close to the same amount of graffiti. Since going proactive and increasing support to the public, the team this past year addressed some 66% of all private property issues where as in years past this was strictly left up to the owner to take care of.

Metric Definition

This indicator measures the amount of time to respond to and abate both reported and unreported graffiti in the City. The goal is to have graffiti properly abated within two business days.

Why Is This Important?

Tracking response time to abate graffiti is part of the overall process to defeat and deter graffiti. Graffiti generally includes any type of writings, drawings or symbols applied to any surface without the consent of the owner. Graffiti is a crime and when left unchecked, can contribute to the deterioration of our neighborhoods and the beauty of Fort Collins, as well as it can be the tipping point leading to increased crime in an area.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - The City’s Graffiti Abatement team plays a high impact role by proactively searching for new graffiti throughout the City in day-to-day operations. In addition, the public can notify the Abatement team through a 24-hour hotline, email notification, an on-line reporting system, and a smart phone reporting application.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress