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Water and Wastewater Master Plan


Fort Collins Utilities is in the process of assessing and evaluating water and wastewater pipes and infrastructure to make informed decisions about upcoming projects.

The Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Master Plan will guide Utilities in maintaining high-quality service and planning for the future.

First Phase

The first phase involves assessing the condition and performance of the distribution and collection systems.

Data collection on pipe condition includes:

  • age
  • size
  • material
  • history of main breaks
  • inspections

The performance assessment includes:

  • fire hydrant testing
  • wastewater flow monitoring
  • computer modeling

Modeling will evaluate how systems are working under current conditions and future growth scenarios.

Age of Collection and Distribution Systems

Identifying Improvements

Following the assessment report (completed in the fall of 2017), the primary focus will shift to replacement and rehabilitation of aging and undersized pipelines.

Costs will be estimated so Utilities can budget for the work and prioritize projects.

Projects will be identified during the City's budgeting process over several years.

When projects are approved and scheduled, Utilities staff will work with neighborhoods to mitigate construction impacts.

Miles of Pipe in the Collection and Distribution System

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Matt Fater, Special Projects Manager

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