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Plant shade trees to block unwanted summer sun (results in years).

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Pollution Control Lab

Processing samples for metals testing


The Pollution Control Laboratory provides essential, accurate and timely analytical data to make decisions, meet regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements, and meet the ongoing operational, planning and management needs of the Utilities, the City, our community and regional agencies. Pollution Control Lab staff provide:

  • Analytical testing services to help the Water Reclamation Division ensure that treated water meets or exceeds state and federal regulations
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical testing services for treatment process control and biosolids management operations at the City's two water reclamation facilities
  • Testing and reporting services for the Industrial Pretreatment program that works with area businesses and industries to monitor their discharges
  • Flow and water quality testing each week for sites on the Cache la Poudre River above and below the City's two water reclamation facilities
  • Monitoring for the lower Poudre through Fort Collins eight times each year corresponding to the Lower Poudre Monitoring Alliance water quality surveys
  • Quarterly sampling and testing of water quality in urban streams at six sites in Fort Collins
  • Administration of the cooperative service agreement with the USGS for water resources flow and water quality monitoring on the Cache la Poudre River
  • Fee-based testing and reporting services for regional pollution control agencies
  • EPA certification-level data for regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting.