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Mulberry Riverside Drainage Improvements and Cowan/Myrtle Waterline Replacement#

In 2018, storm drainage improvements were installed in Cowan and Myrtle streets near Mulberry Street and Riverside Avenue. Construction of an outfall structure near the Poudre River and Springer Natural Area was included. 

The purpose of the drainage improvement project was to provide a new storm sewer and inlets to address localized drainage problems and reduce the effects of flood potential in the area during major storms. It was funded by the City of Fort Collins, State of Colorado and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of the federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

Waterline replacement work along Cowan and Myrtle streets took place earlier in the year. City crews installed 1,000 linear feet of new 8-inch PVC waterline to replace existing 4-inch cast iron waterline. Construction began in January and continued through spring 2018. The waterline was installed with open trenches and crews worked with residents to provide access. Residents were notified in advance of any planned short-term water outages that may have occurred during construction.

Project Details#

Drainage improvements included:

  • Installation of 434 feet of 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) from Myrtle and Cowan streets to Mulberry and Cowan streets
  • Extensions of existing storm sewers in Cowan and Myrtle streets
  • New inlets along Cowan Street, just north of the Myrtle and Cowan intersection
  • New inlets just south of Mulberry Street on the east and west sides of Cowan Street
  • New manholes, inlets and laterals to replace existing inlets near Lesser and Myrtle streets
  • New inlet laterals to replace existing laterals at Endicott and Myrtle streets
  • New inlets to replace existing inlets just north of Mulberry on either side of Cowan
  • Improved outfall into water quality pond at Springer Natural Area, including 50 feet of 48-inch RCP, two drop manholes, and a concrete outlet energy dissipater structure with riprap erosion protection
  • Maintenance access improvements from East Mulberry to proposed outfall in the Springer Natural Area
  • Landscape restoration of the natural area near the outfall
  • Manhole restoration at Riverside Avenue, including a 36-inch RCP culvert crossing

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