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City Code Updates

Routine Changes

Below are suggested revisions to City Code amendments that support business operations and are considered house-keeping and routine in nature.

Proposed changes will be presented to City Council on the consent agenda in the spring and fall of each year.

Summary of Proposed Changes
(First reading takes place Nov. 1, 2016)

Sec. 26-98 - Water meter requirements and installation

  • Updated language to clarify the requirement that all water services be metered
  • Updated language to clarify location requirements for meters
  • Updated language to clarify the process for installing meters on any service not currently metered

Sec. 26-279 - Due date; delinquency

  • Adding language to clarify the winter quarter average calculation due to system failure or consumption event

Sec. 26-391 - Definitions

  • Added definitions of commercial and residential services

Sec. 26-463 - Electric rates; general service rules, regulations and interconnection standards

  • Updating language

Sec. 26-474 - Residential electric development fees and charges

  • Updating language

Sec. 26-713 - Due date; delinquency

  • Updating language

Sec. 26-715 - Deposits

  • Updating language

Sec. 26-719 - Service initiation and termination

  • Added language to represent service initiation and updated language for service termination.

Sec. 26-721 - Billing errors

  • Updating language
  • Adding language on credit balances, meter failures and credit balances managed to unclaimed funds

Sec. 26-723 - Leased property owners

  • New section
  • Adding language regarding owners of rental properties and management of utility services

The fall Utilities City Code updates will be on the consent agenda for the November 1 City Council meeting. The redlined ordinance and agenda materials will be posted on the City Clerk website on October 27.

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