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  • Tip #261

    A new washing machine can save you money. It can also save your clothes. Click here for the whole story.

  • Tip #268

    Warm and hot water will deteriorate elastics and the dyes in your clothes. By using cold water, you not only reduce energy use and utility bills, you extend the life of your clothes.
    Learn more about the benefits of high efficiency clothes washers.

  • Tip #269

    Washing machines are most efficient when fully loaded. When doing partial loads, be sure to reduce the water volume. This saves water and assures your clothes are washed correctly. High Efficiency machines will adjust the water level automatically. Click here to learn more about high efficiency washing machines.

  • Tip #270

    Clean your dryer filter regularly. When lint builds up it reduces airflow and your clothes may not dry completely.

  • Tip #271

    Want the ultimate clothes dryer? Use a clothes line. Your clothes will come out mountain-fresh and disinfected thanks to the sun.

  • Tip #272

    Check washer hoses regularly for cracks that could result in leaks. Better yet - install a new set of burst-proof hoses. They are steel wrapped and are less vulnerable to vibration. Include an ENERGY STAR® washing machine in your purchase and your clothes will be cleaner and your laundry room floor will stay dry.

  • Tip #273

    Pre-treat stains to avoid the need to re-wash your clothes.

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Tip #215

Purchase ENERGY STAR® qualified office equipment, such as desk lamps and computers (rebates available).

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