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  • Tip #155

    Sign up for a Utilities Home Efficiency Audit.

  • Tip #156

    Install an insulation blanket on your water heater.

  • Tip #157

    Insulate pipes-hot and cold-that connect vertically to your water heater.

  • Tip #158

    Seal air leaks by caulking windows, doors, foundations and exterior walls.

  • Tip #159

    Check and seal leaks in attics, basements and crawl spaces.

  • Tip #160

    Seal and insulate air leaks in ductwork located in attics or crawl spaces.

  • Tip #161

    Always use a permanent "duct mastic" material-not duck tape-for sealing attic ductwork and crawl spaces.

  • Tip #162

    Close crawl space vents and cover the crawl space floor with plastic (at least 6-mil) to reduce soil moisture.

  • Tip #163

    Use LED light bulbs.

  • Tip #164

    Purchase power strips to turn off selected appliances when not in use.

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Tip #200

Use properly set timers or photo sensors for outdoor lighting.

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