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  • Tip #219

    Upgrade lighting fixtures containing T-12 lamps and magnetic ballasts with high performance T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts.

  • Tip #220

    Upgrade lighting fixtures from standard to high performance T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts.

  • Tip #221

    Replace high-bay, high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting with high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) fixtures.

  • Tip #222

    Install ENERGY STAR® roofing material with high reflectance to reduce cooling load.

  • Tip #223

    Install a refrigerant heat-recovery system to heat domestic hot water if large refrigeration equipment is present.

  • Tip #224

    Install a computer-based Energy Management System (EMS) to control heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment and lighting systems.

  • Tip #225

    Replace electric or gas foodservice equipment with ENERGY STAR® qualified models (rebates available).

  • Tip #226

    Install cooking vent hood controls with VFD fans and sensors (rebates available).

  • Tip #227

    Install high efficiency refrigeration equipment, such as zero energy doors and anti-sweat heater controls (rebates available).

  • Tip #228

    Install interior and exterior lighting controls (rebates available).

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Tip #154

Borrow an "appliance meter" from Utilities to learn how appliances use electricity.

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