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  • Tip #136

    Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

  • Tip #191

    Know your electric rate and manage the building's electric load.

  • Tip #192

    Sign up for a Utilities facility assessment.

  • Tip #193

    Turn off overhead and task lights when not in use.

  • Tip #194

    Take advantage of daylight from windows and skylights.

  • Tip #195

    Turn off printers, copiers, coffee machines, and other equipment at end of day.

  • Tip #196

    Activate sleep mode on computers (see ENERGY STAR® for details).

  • Tip #197

    Turn down thermostat on water heater(s).

  • Tip #198

    Benchmark your energy use compared to other similar businesses (sign up for Keep Current).

  • Tip #199

    Sign up for the Keep Current e-newsletter and information service.

For more information, contact Utilities.

Report a Problem

Tip #190

Purchase a WaterSense labeled toilet and receive a Utilities' rebate.

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