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  • Tip #136

    Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

  • Tip #137

    Use power-management software on your computer.

  • Tip #139

    Close fireplace damper and doors when not in use.

  • Tip #140

    Lower water-heater temperature to the lowest comfortable setting.

  • Tip #147

    Run dishwasher only when full; select 'energy saver' cycle on energy-efficient models.

  • Tip #148

    Use microwave oven for warming, reheating or cooking food.

  • Tip #149

    Make sure the air flow around your refrigerator is not obstructed.

  • Tip #150

    Check temperatures in your refrigerator (recommended 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit) and freezer (recommended 0 degrees Fahrenheit); adjust as needed.

  • Tip #151

    Recycle a second refrigerator or freezer through Utilities' refrigerator/freezer recycling program.

  • Tip #152

    Keep water beds covered (comforters work well).

  • Tip #153

    Change your hot tub setting to "economy mode".

  • Tip #154

    Borrow an "appliance meter" from Utilities to learn how appliances use electricity.

For more information, contact Utilities.

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Tip #225

Replace electric or gas foodservice equipment with ENERGY STAR® qualified models (rebates available).

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