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Energy Tips

Mow bluegrass 2 1/2 " - 3" tall to promote deeper rooting and to shade the plant's root zone. Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade.

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Sustainability Leadership

Utilities for the 21st Century

Utilities for the 21st Century

Transformation. It's a pretty big word to imagine for an individual life, let alone a large, multi-service organization.

That's what Fort Collins Utilities imagined, though, when we designed our 21st Century Utilities Initiative, which closely aligns with a broader community vision of protecting and preserving our quality of life in Northern Colorado.

Because of the impacts of our environmental footprint and the many challenges facing municipal utilities today, we needed a much more ambitious and intentional approach to how we conduct business.

The Initiative has helped us re-envision our historic and future actions within a framework of sustainable decisions and policy choices.

The intent: to deliver a level of service our customers expect and do it in an environmentally and socially responsible way while making the best economic choices for the long term.

Our purpose is what guides us today: inspiring community leadership by reducing environmental impact while benefiting customers, the economy and society.